New Method for Carbon Accounting Proposed

It may be surprising to know that in some instances countries are rewarded for policies that increase global emissions and punished for policies that contribute to reducing them. A solution has been presented for the problem. An extremely useful study at Lund University has been proposed which suggests accounting for carbon emissions which enables policy [...]

Distribution Industry Going Green

Many in the distribution industry are considering becoming greener as eco- and smarter packaging lead to reduced costs while ensuring customers happiness and conserving natural resources. That’s a win-win for both the industry and environment. The reasons why many in the distribution industry are picking up on the green and lean concept is because it [...]

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US Water Unrest At A Rise

Have you ever wondered why a developed country such as the US is more likely to undergo water unrest than an underdeveloped country? For those who have not heard the term water unrest before, it might seem surprising how familiar the term actually is. It basically refers to the tensions between different geographical areas and [...]

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Integrated Reporting an Integral Part of Success

Communications Consultant Black Sun has confirmed that integrated reporting is improving stakeholder relations while sharpening decisions. This is a necessary part of responsible capitalism; it accepts that business performance is not just about profit, but also about the wider canvas that includes sustainability and caring socially. This could herald the end of corporate reporting’s top-down [...]

Time to Meter and Measure Water

The UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate is now available, and provides a uniform structure for harmonised water reporting across the board. In addition to recommending a measure of standardisation, this also aims to reduce the reporting burden in an environment which is becoming complex. The guidelines present a common-sense approach to disclosing meaningful information, [...]

Sustainable Companies Better Investments

Nonprofit watchdog CDP reports that firms with their eye on the climate change ball secure an 18% greater ROI than companies choosing not to. Their finding is based on analysis of Standard & Poor’s Top 500 Index of NYSE or NASDAQ listings. These also average 67% better than companies that refuse to disclose. This is [...]

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The World Through Energy-Tinted Spectacles

Schneider Electrical has released a paper motivating a systems approach to energy savings, that spans the entire process. Other factors to consider include efficient collection and effective processing of timeous data by operators with specialist knowledge, and a rigorous approach to eliminating inconsistencies through standardization. Continue reading “The World Through Energy-Tinted Spectacles” »

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Smart Money in Sustainability

Grant Thornton’s 2014 international business report titled ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: Beyond Financials’, reports that cost management is regarded as the key sustainability driver at 67%, followed by customer demand (64%) and ‘because it’s the right thing to do’ at 62%. They interviewed 2,500 business leaders in 34 economies to reach their conclusions. Continue reading “Smart [...]

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