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Global Logistics Emissions Council releases new framework

Planes, trains, ships and automobiles form the backbone of a supply chain and are vital to the global economy. They also generate greenhouse gas emissions, which forward thinking companies aim to control. Carbon accounting and reduction provides a strong business case as well as meeting the expectations of customers, governments and investors.   In the [...]

CSR and Social Innovators Forum, Singapore

We're thrilled to be a gold partner at this event and hope to see many of you in Singapore, September 1st-2nd. Under the overarching theme of Co-creating the Future Economy through Sustainability and Innovation, the forum will provide participants with inroads on how the new norm will affect the way we engage our stakeholders. The [...]

Identifying the Role of A Chief Sustainability Officer

Does having a senior executive in charge of sustainability automatically make those companies green? Figuring out whether executives with this title are actually involved in driving change may be a tricky task, especially when major corporate disasters such as 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse, had executives with such [...]

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New Method for Carbon Accounting Proposed

It may be surprising to know that in some instances countries are rewarded for policies that increase global emissions and punished for policies that contribute to reducing them. A solution has been presented for the problem. An extremely useful study at Lund University has been proposed which suggests accounting for carbon emissions which enables policy [...]

Integrated Reporting an Integral Part of Success

Communications Consultant Black Sun has confirmed that integrated reporting is improving stakeholder relations while sharpening decisions. This is a necessary part of responsible capitalism; it accepts that business performance is not just about profit, but also about the wider canvas that includes sustainability and caring socially. This could herald the end of corporate reporting’s top-down [...]

How Ready Are We Really for ISO 14001?

The European Energy Forum (or EEF) is a panel for open discussion between government, industry and other stakeholders in the race for green. When it questions whether European manufacturers are ready for IS0 14001’s challenges we should listen, because it is in a better position than most to comment. While the voluntary standard has objectives [...]

Time to Make Our World Sustainable

WBCSD is promoting a joint proposal with GRI and UN Global Compact to make room for business to do more towards making our world sustainable - and that’s quite a thought when you put it that way. Their sustainable development goals due to be announced next year promise to ‘guide companies on existing principles, methodologies [...]

Down Under and Behind the Times

The Australian government proposal to reduce support for renewable energy comes at a time when many other countries are rowing the other way. Eco-Business reports that this is hammering smaller firms that involved themselves in the domestic renewable sector, and spent money certifying staff. We are sad to hear this. Micro firms could fold, and [...]

Time to Meter and Measure Water

The UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate is now available, and provides a uniform structure for harmonised water reporting across the board. In addition to recommending a measure of standardisation, this also aims to reduce the reporting burden in an environment which is becoming complex. The guidelines present a common-sense approach to disclosing meaningful information, [...]