Turning Climate Change into Big Business

Eco-Business ran an interesting post on how scaling up renewables and rehabilitating forests is creating jobs for the vulnerable unemployed. Brazil’s Bolsa Verde green grant program is paying over 15,000 families to help with conservation in nature reserves, and plans to expand this to 300,000 grants. China has 1.7 million people gainfully employed in renewable [...]

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Climate Change Reporting ‘Fiduciary Responsibility’

What gets managed gets changed. We are delighted to hear that leading corporates like Deloitte, Unilever and Honda have started doing so. Their format is the Climate Disclosure Standards Board’s climate change reporting standard. This is part of a wider effort to find out what is really happening in board rooms and if executives are [...]

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Sustainable Companies Better Investments

Nonprofit watchdog CDP reports that firms with their eye on the climate change ball secure an 18% greater ROI than companies choosing not to. Their finding is based on analysis of Standard & Poor’s Top 500 Index of NYSE or NASDAQ listings. These also average 67% better than companies that refuse to disclose. This is [...]

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Smart Money in Sustainability

Grant Thornton’s 2014 international business report titled ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: Beyond Financials’, reports that cost management is regarded as the key sustainability driver at 67%, followed by customer demand (64%) and ‘because it’s the right thing to do’ at 62%. They interviewed 2,500 business leaders in 34 economies to reach their conclusions. Continue reading “Smart [...]

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Going Green is Simply Better

A survey by the Boston Consulting Group and MIT confirms that sustainable programs are promoting revenue growth, and producing cost savings. Examples highlighted as being of interest to investors include a tractor components manufacturer that achieved zero-landfill status in three months while simultaneously growing sales by $100,000. It would be interesting to know where they [...]

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Should Customers Pay More for Fossil Power

The International Monetary Fund believes consumers should pay more for energy from fossil fuel in order to reflect the environmental damage, and envisages governments levying environmental taxes that ‘reflect global warming, air pollution, road congestion, and other adverse environmental impacts’. The Fund has published a book suggesting ways to quantify these costs, and the nuts [...]

Another Greenhouse Gas Game Changer

On 7 August 2014, newsmakers Reuters leaked a U.N. draft report suggesting that greenhouse gas emissions require pruning by as much as 70%. The report maintains that current national pledges will no longer limit warming to 2º C / 3.6º F above pre-industrial times by 2050, and points out that we have already reached the [...]

American Consumers Going Green

Princeton Survey Research Associates have published a report on what American consumers think about their government and bigger corporates. The independent think tank found that small is perceived as better. Americans favour state as opposed to federal authority, and prefer dealing with smaller businesses as opposed to corporates. Criteria they use to pass judgement over [...]

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Mega Projects Square Up to Challenges

Independent Project Analysis Inc.’s Ed Merrow thinks that upward of 65% of all upstream carbon mega-projects fail due to delays and overruns, and that the root causes for this are poor planning, over-optimistic scheduling and project leaders playing musical chairs. There was an echo of this in the 2010 Rio+20 position paper ‘Understanding the Business [...]

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Five Criteria for Sustainable Purchasing Decisions

The Sustainable Purchasing Council thinks procurement departments should apply five criteria when reaching responsible purchasing decisions. The first of these is understanding the ‘relevant environmental, social and economic impacts’. This implies quantifying / analysing organizational spend, and tapping into authoritative sources to estimate the knock-on costs.The four underpinning criteria are taking responsibility for these impacts, [...]