Rev-ID International Ltd is the creator of the FoundationFootprint™ software. Founded in 2007, we are based in Auckland, New Zealand. With over 200 customers in 16 countries we have a growing network of sales and solution partners around the world.

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We are FoundationFootprint

Simply put, we love our planet and want to make it a better place now and for future generations. We’re bringing our passion and dedication to this goal and making it easier for our customers to reduce the resources they use, improve transparency in their reporting and increase and improve their community investment and engagement.

Our sole focus is to be the global leader in enterprise environmental compliance, sustainability management and health & safety systems. Our team brings international expertise in these and other IT systems, from dotcom start-ups to large corporations and central government in the UK, USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Social Responsibility

We’re involved in community projects every week of the year. These projects, so far, include animal and environmental welfare and school programs to educate children on sustainability and their effect on the environment. See FoundationFootprint School Program for more information.

We have launched a new service called FoundationCommunity™ to improve how businesses and charities engage.

Our founder and CEO, Chris Lindley, is also the founder of the New Zealand Sustainability Index. The NZSI is an initiative to improve and showcase the sustainability performance of New Zealand industry and services around the world.

Environmental Responsibility

FoundationFootprint is committed to good environmental practices. We recognise our responsibility to eliminate, mitigate or remedy the environmental impacts of our business activities to protect the wider environment.

Rev-ID International Ltd aims to achieve this commitment by working with its customers, suppliers and employees to identify areas for environmental improvement.

• Meet legislative requirements
• Work with suppliers and customers to ensure that the most suitable and safe processes are incorporated into our services
• Work with suppliers and customers to reduce our overall environmental impact
• Educate staff on safety and environmental issues and procedures
• Develop and maintain standard operating procedures that minimise any damage or harm from accidents
• Introduce environmental performance indicators to measure performance against the worlds best practice
• Actively work to reduce our overall carbon footprint

Chris Lindley
Founder and CEO

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Data Security

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Online Support

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